The Disaster plan: Does your family have one?

Disasters happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Whether they be fire, water damage or something else entirely been prepared and most importantly having a plan is your family’s best chance of getting through them. It is a most help pay your family for times of disaster.


One of the best ways to brave yourself especially if you’re moving to a new area is to find out what it’s types of natural disasters occur in your area. This can be done quite easily by calling your local emergency management office or the Red Cross. It’s also a good idea to find out what disaster plans your children schools and annual work having place for disasters.


Next you will want to create a family disaster plan. Assign jobs in case of this disaster or that disaster and make sure that everyone thoroughly understands their roles. That way when the time comes everyone will be doing what they have to do rather than wandering around aimlessly. In the case of flooding for example have somewhere nearby that you know you can stay and will accept your pets if you have those.


Once you have a plan in place and everyone knows what they’re doing the most important thing you can do is the practice it. You may need to modify plans as things change over time. Children my move away and you may have more less pets as time goes on. The more often you can practice your disaster plan the better but at least twice a year is a good rule of thumb. The more prepared you are for every eventuality the more likely you and your family will get through whatever happens.