Are happy meals immortal?

It’s a fact of life, you leave your bread on the counter for too long all your fruit in its basket and mold will form. Food can only be preserved for so long before the natural cycle of decomposition begins in earnest. Or is there a food that can circumvent this natural law?


As an experiment of McDonald’s happy meals left on a plate for a year. One would naturally assume that after 2 to 3 weeks there would be little left of the hamburger and fries. One would be wrong however, the hamburger survive a three-year view of the disservice oval change to the food was that it had started to shrink.


“The Happy Meal hamburger bun’s ingredient list is sadly too long to reproduce, but includes the preservative calcium propionate (which is what keeps that year-old bun looking daisy fresh), along with ominous sounding ingredients such as calcium peroxide and azodicarbonamide. Yum! The next time you think about buying a Happy Meal for your kids, consider the fact that it might just contain some of the same ingredients as the toy it comes with.”


The only food it truly is immortal is honey. A jar of honey was found to King Tutankhamen in Egypt and after thousands of years was still edible. When it comes to quick and easy meals your children perhaps a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or macaroni is a safer bet.


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