A new California wildfire forces more evacuations

A new wildfire just 100 miles east of Los Angeles in the big Bear resort has forced hundreds of people to evacuate. This fire is fast moving and only 30% contained. More than 500 homes and businesses are currently in the path of the fire and this fire is just one of 65 major wildfires that are raging across seven Western states currently.

In Washington there are 12 large fires currently and resources have been so stretched that state is taking the unprecedented effort of training civilian volunteers. They will be acting in supporting roles helping the firefighters. Already Washington has had over 200 homes destroyed.


Over 12,000 firefighters are battling the 17 wildfires across California. More than 2500 hikers campers employees and residents have been evacuated this week. A large wildfire broke out on Sunday night near the slow Summit ski resort south of big bear lake. Helicopters and planes have been making liquid drops on the wildfire causing the first positive results. It’s gotten to the point where water cannons from the ski resort normally used for making snow are being pointed towards the fire. It is believed that this fire began as a result of lightning.

Constant high temperatures and no rain in sight the foreseeable future has not been helping the situation but the fire department seems confident that it has the situation under control. Overnight the percentage of the containment has grown.

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