Smelling sewage in your bathroom? Time to call in the professionals

The bathroom of your home is very unlikely to be the best smelling room in your house but you should not open the door and instantly think you’ve walked into an open sewer. If there is a lingering sewage smell in your bathroom and that is an indicator of a deeper problem. The high levels of methane gas produced by sewage can be flammable in large quantities and breathing it in can be hazardous to your health. The good news is that once you’ve discovered the source of the smell it is often simple and inexpensive to correct.

The first possible cause of sewage odor in your bathroom can be the fixtures. If you have and use them recently the water in the P-trap can evaporate and this removes the barrier between the bathroom and the gases in the sewers. The easiest solution is to run your water and Philip P-trap again.

Most people would assume that the toilet would be the main culprit for a sewage smell but the water in the toilet bowl acts as a sort of smell barrier. If your toilet bowl isn’t filling out the way it should be the problem could be broken seal. This can be replaced fairly easily by you may not wish to attempt it and calling in the water damage restoration company would be your best option.

¬†Whatever the source of the smell it is imperative that you have it dealt with quickly. Breathing in toxic fumes is not good for you and not good for anyone else in your family’s home.

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