Watch Out For Mold in Temecula


Mold damage and water damage aren’t exactly subjects that are on the forefronts of Temecula homeowners’ minds. After all, Southern California is notoriously dry. However, even the most incidental amount of moisture in your home, especially after a big storm or flood, can significantly increase the chances of mold making an unwanted guest appearance in your home life. What should you look out for when inspecting for mold? Here are three indicators of the most common mold types.


Aspergillus is the most common mold you’ll find in households. If food ever gets moldy, the mold on the food is likely aspergillus. This variety of mold also appears frequently in air conditioners. The visual indicator of this mold is clusters of grey and black splotches. Its continued presence can bring about mild allergy symptoms in residents of the household.


Cladosporium is another considerably common variety of mold, and is visually defined by a blackish or greenish “speckled” texture. In a home, it’s most likely to show up on painted surfaces, in air ducts, or behind toilets. This mold, if ignored, can release spores that can bring about allergy symptoms and other upper respiratory issues.


Given the nickname  “black mold” for its black, gooey look and texture, stachybotrys is one of the deadlier types of mold. Flourishing in areas of constant moisture such as air conditioning systems or leaky pipe systems, stachybotrys release mycotoxins that can lead to a vast range of health issues to anyone exposed. Not only can the allergy symptoms of other molds appear, but more severe health issues such as depression, asthma, cystic fibrosis, and immune system disorders have also been linked to the prolonged inhalation of mycotoxins.


Alternaria mainly grows outdoors, but can thrive in households that have recently experienced flood or water damage. It has a black or greyish “fuzzy” texture. Like many molds, exposure can bring about asthmatic symptoms or allergic reactions. Alternaria spreads quickly after it takes root, so having a recently-flooded area remediated quickly is vital.

Just the Beginning

These are just few of the types of household mold varieties that can show up in Temecula homes. A more exhaustive mold variety list can be found elsewhere online. By understanding what to look for, Temecula residents can be prepared to take earlier action and better guard their homes against dangerous mold growth.

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