Wet Weather Brings Mold Concerns

The recent rains to have affected Southern California are a boon to the region in many ways. However, with the increase in humidity comes an increase in mold risk, this is especially the case when temperatures remain high. Severalother regions across the U.S. have also become more alert to the recently increased mold risk.

It’s important that you do spot checks in location were mold is most likely to grow: dark, closed off areas with high moisture. As remediation expert Patrick Murphy elaborates:

Murphy pointed his flashlight into the air in a basement in Overland Park revealing white specks drifting up into the air. He says since mold weighs the same amount as air, this is a test you can do at home to see if mold is growing on your walls. The particles that float are mold, the ones that fall are dust. He also says mold tends to attract more spiders than usual. It’s easiest to find mold in the dark while shining a flashlight on the surfaces.

Murphy says the moment you spot mold, you need to get it looked at before it makes you sick.

“This is actually the guideline set out by the EPA, if you can see it or smell it, it should be a concern,” he stressed.

Unfortunately, getting rid of mold isn’t cheap. It costs most homeowners around $3,000 to have it professionally removed. Mold screening costs around $75-$100. To send mold into a lab to get it tested and to see if it poses a health threat costs around $350.

If you don’t currently have mold in your house, Murphy says you can keep your home protected now. Check your gutters and keep them clean. Most times, rain seeps into your house because the gutters weren’t cleaned or the water is able to seep in through the foundation.

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